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Monday, November 24, 2014

Getting Back My Momjo with Conair and My Easy New Looks

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This past weekend was a big one -- Miss Lola celebrated her first birthday!  I am still in disbelief about a few things:  1.  How is my baby girl already one?  2.  How did I survive an entire year as a working mom with two little ones?  It's been tough, I'm not going to lie.  But I've decided that I'm going to start taking time for me.  It's time to get my Momjo back.  Yes, I said Momjo.  I'm referring to my ability to get out of the yoga pants and create some easy new looks for myself.  Maybe it's for day errands or a night out with the girls - either way, I need to stop dreaming about those stretchy pants (let's be honest, they are pretty nice) and take time to for myself to feel fancy again!

If it's one thing I lack, it would for sure be time.  Oh time, how I used to have so much of you.  There are days I wish I had just a few more hours to get everything done.  But I can't magically add those extra hours to my day so I need to adjust my life to make sure I can fit in the things that I need to get done.  For example, the other morning I had my usual mental debate with myself as my alarm went off at 5:20:  Do I get up and workout or do I roll over, hit snooze and sleep for another forty minutes?  On this specific day my snooze button won, but somehow my alarm switched from A.M. to P.M.  I woke up almost thirty minutes later than I should have in a huge panic -- I'm a teacher!  These kids can't wait to start school!  As I rushed at lightning speed to get ready I went to turn on my ancient aged hair dryer only to find out it wanted to work on low and blow cold air.  Once again as I cried tears of panic I was reminded that it's okay to buy the essential beauty things for myself.  I probably should have bought a new hair dryer in May when it decided to suck up my hair in the back which caused it to never work the same since.  Desperate times call for desperate measures -- a braid for the day it was and I promised myself to get a new hair dryer after work.  A subtle yet timely reminder to get back to working on my Momjo promise.

I headed to Walmart to grab a new hair dryer.  Considering this is something that I use more often than not, I decided to invest in a nice one.  Hello, Conair.  Thank you for your amazing products.  In order to feel fancy, I decided to get the Infiniti Pro by Conair® 3Q™ Brushless Motor Dryer.  This beaut not only reduces drying time (which would have helped my snooze button disaster earlier that morning) but it dries with lower temperatures and faster airflow to help minimize damage.  I also threw in a new Conair Velvet Paddle Brush and a 90 pack of Conair Bobby Pins - can never have enough of those!  Finally, I decided it was also time to add to my Momjo investment plan and purchase a Infiniti Pro by Conair® Curl Secret.  Healthy dried hair totally needs some shiny curls.  Mama was back my friends!

As I mentioned earlier, my time is quite precious these days.  But I also needed to think of some fun new looks to amp up my Momjo factor yet ones that didn't take hours of my time.  During nap time, I planned on creating three different looks that were simple yet fashionable and quick to do.  The Infiniti Pro by Conair® 3Q™ Brushless Motor Dryer dried my hair in under 8 minutes and it was smooth and silky to the touch -- can I say I am obsessed with this hair dryer?  I used my paddle brush to get brush to the ends of my hair as I dried to add to the silky feeling and help blow it out straight.

Momjo Look #1
After my hair was dry I warmed up the Infiniti Pro by Conair® Curl Secret.  I quickly got the hang of it and was able to create some amazing curls really fast.  I grabbed one inch sections of my hair and the Infiniti Pro by Conair® Curl Secret gently drew my hair into the chamber, holding it there for up to twelve seconds and then beeped to let me know it was time to release my soft curl.  I was able to curl my entire head under ten minutes, which to me is pretty duable, especially with the way my curls turned out.  After curling my entire head, I gently ran my fingers through my curls to get a looser look.  I love how natural my curls look!

Momjo Look #2
My next look was a simple addition to my loose curls.  I took about a two inch section of my hair and twisted it backwards.  Then, using a few of my Conair Bobby Pins I pinned it against the side of my head.  This is definitely a look I would wear when running errands or grabbing lunch with friends to keep those smaller pieces out of my face yet adding just a simple twist of fun to the curls.

Momjo Look #3
Finally, I took my Conair Velvet Paddle Brush and gently brushed my curls to make them more waves than curls.  Then, I braided a small section of my hair and pinned it back and to the side with my bobby pins.  It was more of a Bohemian Chic look but one that I'd wear when I was going out on the town with my girls.  After a day at work this would be a simple solution to change up my look by going from day curls to evening waves.  Simple yet chic.  

It's funny how a few new purchases can change your whole outlook of your daily beauty routine.  Now I think I need to add a few more essentials to the wardrobe to compliment these Momjo looks, wouldn't you agree?

How do you keep your Momjo going strong?

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Pink, Gold and Glitter - A Glimpse Into Lola's First Birthday Party

Today was a big day for Miss Lola.  We celebrated her first birthday full of pink, gold and all things glitter.  While everything didn't go as originally planned (the candy bar, the last minute change in venue) she was still able to celebrate her special day with the friends and family that mean the most.  Our sweet girl had a fabulous day dolled in her pink tutu, gold moccs and glittery headed.  I'm also quite certain she enjoyed her smash cake from the best local bakery in Indianapolis, The Flying Cupcake. In the end I'm so thankful that the day went off without a hitch and I have these amazing birthday memories I can share with her when she gets older. 

So serious.  All the time.  I refer to it as her model face.

Apparently when you're four you are too good to take for real pictures.

Lola and I are both thankful for our crafty Martha Stewart, Aunt Meme.  She gets creds for the shirt and paper garland.  Bam baby.

By the end of the night we were all feeling this this:

Happy first birthday, Sweet Girl.  We love you oh so very much!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Lola Colleen is One

My Lola Girl is 1 year old!
I remember with Cohen I wished the months away.  Not that I wanted him to get older but because I was excited to see the next milestone.  Lola was completely different.  I knew what was coming and I haven't been wishing away these months rather I have been dreading the fact that she is getting older!  It feels like I was just leaving school with a leaking water in the midst of a fire drill.  (You so don't want to miss this birth story.)  I think like any mom going from one child to two children I was nervous.  How would life change with two kids?  But even more importantly, how was I going to love another child as much as I did Cohen?  The moment I saw Lola I was in love.  My heart swelled to double the size -- part for Cohen and part for my new bundle of joy.  These two munchkins are my life and I know that Kurtis and I can't imagine our lives without either of them. 

It's bittersweet to know that this is her final monthly update of her first year.  I have been way too weepy today.  I need a drink.  Or three.

Here is what Lola has been up to in her final month of her first year:

Size: Lola is 20 lbs 5 oz and 29 and 1/4 inches long -- 25% in both weight and height.  However her noggin continues to be in the 90%.  We refer to her as big brained.  She is still in size 3 diapers and 12 month clothing.  I have a few 18 month outfits but they are a little big still.  I finally have put away all of her rompers.  Sigh.  It was sad but I guess I need to start working on her collection for this summer...

Eating:  My little piggy gets 3 meals a day and 2 snacks.  She still takes a bottle in the morning and before bed but does sippy cups during the day.  We ran out of formula a few weeks ago so I just switched her to organic whole milk and she has been doing fine.  Lola loves bananas, clementines, pancakes, cheese and avocados.  I find that if I offer her foods in different ways she seems to eat them better.  For example I gave her a fork yesterday and put her broccoli on it.  The kid ate it up!  All about presentation moms, all 
about presentation.

Sleeping: Lola is a creature of habit and craves a good, solid schedule.  She goes down at 7:30 and wakes up around 7.  Naps are at 10 and 2 and she will nap for anywhere from 1 to 2 hours at each nap.  Her brother was completely opposite and never napped so we switched him to one nap right at a year.  I think we will wait to switch her to one nap when she shows signs of wanting to drop one herself.

Milestones:  Oh this child makes me tired.  I was quickly reminded how much I love this age yet how tired it totally makes me.  The second I turn my back she is into something - the drawers, the cabinet, Brady's pet bowls.  I mentioned last time how we have gates up everywhere.  I'm quite certain I could be an Olympic hurdler at this point in my life - I never realized how flexible I actually could be.  These gates don't play.  Lola loves to stand up at the gate, shaking it and letting out this fake cry like she is in jail if you don't let her in with you.  She is also a pro at spotting an open gate and is the fastest stair climber I've ever seen in my life!  I thought Cohen was busy but damn, this girl is too.

Lola loves to stand up on her own and then start clapping for herself.  It cracks me up.  She still cruises around on the furniture and has taken one or two steps on her own.  Lately she will stand up from the ground all by herself so it's only a matter of time until she takes off.  I'm not encouraging it but my husband is anxious for her to start walking.  He will take that back about .32483 seconds after the deja vu sets in.

We have eight chompers in our mouth now and I think she's cutting bottom molars by the way she has been chomping back there lately.  I don't dare put my finger in there too often in fear of getting it bit off.  For real.  She also loves to talk and says hi, Mama, Dada, Uh-oh and NO!  I probably shouldn't laugh but when she doesn't get her way she will yell, "No!" and make this pouty face -- dying.  We were at our sweet little Harper's birthday party (who is just 11 days older than Lola) and there were all these cute little babies playing.  One of them tried to take away her toy and Lola put a stop to that yelling, "No!" so loud.  Apparently she is just practicing her voice.  Girl has an agenda.

Likes:  Lola loves being able to climb on to little chairs and then stand up, giving her mom a heart attack.  She seriously thinks she is big stuff when she gets up on these chairs.  I know I have mentioned this before but Lola LOVES everything Cohen.  Whatever Cohen is doing, she has to do it too.  But lately he has been all about her too giving her kissies and huggies.  Melts my heart.

We are also a huge fan of the pacifier still.  Cohen weaned himself off it early on but Lola loves hers like none other.  Cohen's lovey is his Monkey blanket so I think Lola's soother is her paci.  I'm not going to fight this battle yet but plan on limiting when she can have it.

Dislikes:  Oh Lord this child has started the tantrums.  If you take something away from her or tell her no she flat out lies on the floor, crying and kicking her legs.  Seriously.  Kurtis and I look at each other in disbelief and just laugh because it's like she is one going on 15.  The whole thing is kind of comical, I'm not going to lie.

Lola absolutely HATES her car seat.  She is such a peanut that she spent the first year in her infant seat.  I'm ordering her big girl seat this weekend (which makes me cry) but hopefully she will like the car a little bit better.  When Cohen is next to her she seems to like the ride more because he will talk to her and make her laugh.  He is such a sweet big brother.  Well, sometimes.  :)

The big birthday party is this weekend.  We originally had planned to have it at Kurtis' work however we aren't expecting as many people as we thought were going to be there.  Sadly it's the people I think Lola and Cohen would have loved to see the most, but it is what it is.  I'm okay with a smaller group of friends and family.  Plus now I can have a couple of cocktails to ease my party stress.  

Did I mention I get my big girl camera this weekend?

Happy first birthday my sweet Lola!  You are the sweetest thing and have filled all of our hearts with so much love for you.  I'm excited to see what this next year has to hold for you, just promise to me you will continue to be the gem that you have been for us this past year.

Love you Sweetie Pea, 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekend Shenanigans - I Needed This

This weekend was awesome.

It wasn't anything spectacular, but it was definitely one that I needed.  It was the something to help turn my Negative Nancy Pants attitude back onto the right path.  This weekend helped me make take a step towards that change.

Saturday was a day with the girls.  We spent the morning shopping at the Holiday Mart and then an afternoon of lunch and locally brewed beer.  And lots of girl talk.  Damn it was a good afternoon.  While my husband was a little bitter about the outcome of the Notre Dame game, I truly loved being able to let the stress that has been building up go and enjoy time with myself, friends and family.

Sunday was another day of family time.  We started our day out with donuts, an early fire in the fire place and dancing in the kitchen.  I was even able to get in a 3 mile run while enjoying a fabulous surprise - a Sex and the City marathon.  Both of the kids stayed in their jammies all day and my husband and I attempted to tackle our to-do lists.  I'm starting to feel a bit more prepared for Lola's party next weekend.  It's a bit of a relief when I remember I'm not hosting it at my house and rather at my husband's work.  Seriously, the cleaning aspect would have put me over the edge.  But the cakes have been ordered, the outfit assembled and the birthday garlands sewed.  Now it's just a matter of tying up the final loose ends like the food and things for the candy bar.


Yes.  I said candy bar.  Don't judge.

It's the little things that count the most.  Sometimes when you feel like you are pushed to your limit, the things you truly need will come out of nowhere to bring you back away from the ledge.
This weekend was my stabilizer.

Five more school days until a week off -- can I get an AMEN??

How was your weekend?

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Kait's Reality Reel - Get Your Popcorn Ready

Hi.  My name is Kait and I'm a reality t.v. addict.
It's just a minor obsession of mine and I have to be honest and tell you that right now my DVR is completely overflowing with reality shows. But for real, how can you not watch something that is so ridiculous?  My husband and I have arguments all the time over my shows.  But hello - baseball is totally reality T.V.  Bam.

I have decided to compile you a list of the shows you must add to your DVR along with an explanation as to why your life may not be complete until you subject yourself to this useless yet oh so entertaining television.

Friends, you are welcome.

  Vanderpump Rules - Bravo, Mondays 9:00 pm

photo cred

Basically it's the story of a bunch of skinny, whiny and obnoxiously good looking young folk who work at a restaurant in LA called SUR.  I have to admit, the last two seasons were quite juicy but I'm a bit disappointed with the first two episodes this season.  Those who already watch are you already as annoyed as I am with Kristen?  Seriously, how many times can we see her start annoying Tom drama?  While we all know this makes good TV, Vanderpump will take you back to your small town, high school days all over again because no one is saving the drama for their mama on this show.

Kendra on Top - WE, Fridays 9:00 pm
My love for Kendra started years ago when she was such a young lass living it up with Hugh at the Mansion.  At that time I wasn't sure she had more than a pile of rocks in her head at times.  However, after getting into this new series on WE, I'm totally Team Kendra.  Apparently her husband Hank (remember, the guy that lost the Super Bowl for the Colts?) cheated on her when she was 8 months pregnant.  Can I get a UM HELL NO.  This season is an up close and personal look at Kendra and Hank's new family and how they are (or aren't) dealing with this cheating scandal.  If I could knock some sense into this douche bag I totally would...

90 Day Fiancee - TLC, Sundays 9:00 pm
I fell upon this show by accident a few months ago and I tried to stop watching it, but couldn't do it.  Why you ask?  Because some of these people are so desperate for love it is sad.  The basis of the show focuses on couples that bring their fiancee to the States and they have 90 days to get married or get deported.  While some couples are legit, there are a few you want to jump through the screen and shake them silly. Open your eyes, yo! 

Snooki & JWOWW - MTV, Wednesday 10:00 pm

photo cred

Please don't judge me.  This show is frickin' hilarious.  I promise, no more Jersey Shore antics.  Just straight up funny business between these two.  Trust.

TrueTori - Lifetime, Tuesdays 9:00 pm
Once again, it's the train wreck you can't stop watching.  Last season was when the scandal had recently come out.  This season is how they are still dealing and still fighting.  Of course.  But who wouldn't still be angry after your husband cheats on you while you stay home with your four children.  Be prepared for lots of crying.  Actually, lots of ugly crying.  Sorry Tori.

The People's Couch - Bravo, Tuesdays 10:00 pm
photo cred

There's no plot to this show.  It's just people watching t.v. and saying the comments you are thinking out loud.  True hilariousness.  It's like watching your favorite shows with your besties only you are watching them on Bravo.  I'm quite certain I could make this show if I tried out.

Are You the One? - MTV, Mondays 10:00 pm
This is MTV's version of the Bachelor but without a Rose Ceremony.  Well, kinda. There are twenty people who have been professionally matched up but are trying to figure out who their match is by the end of the show.  If they figure it out by the tenth match up night, then they win $1 million.   Love or money?  You know what always prevails...

Now this post wasn't intended for you to judge me.  But after looking over my list I'm pretty sure you are by now. It's okay. 
Cause the haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate. 

It's totally okay to watch mindless television. In the end it brings you back to the reality of life and offers you some great entertainment in the process.

Thank you for being a friend.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Oh Hey There. I'm Still Alive.

So last week I took a mini hiatus from the blogging world - totally unintentionally.  I will attribute my absence to the fact that my throat felt as if I had swallowed a handful of razorblades.  Seriously awful mental picture.  Sorry.  But it was all I could do to stay awake beyond 8:30.  However, I finally got my act together and headed to the Minute Clinic last Thursday around 6:00 to get my throat mess checked out only to be told that they didn't take patients so close to closing time.
They closed at 8:00.


But Friday I did what any teacher dreads doing (sub plans = not cool) and took a half day.  The sweet practitioner kindly told me that I had an ear infection and a throat that looked "extremely raw."  And only after one day of Amoxycilin the razor blades had disappeared!

This is where I would insert the clapping hands emoji.

Therefore my weekend was quite uneventful.  I did attend a first birthday party for my friend's sweet girl who is just 11 days older than Lola.  You do understand what that means, right?
Lola will be 1 in 9 days.

This is where I would insert the crying face emoji.

Panic mode hasn't set in about her party yet, which I probably need to get buying the ridiculous amount of things that need to be bought.  Kurtis did try to dress Lola in her birthday tutu yesterday and I quickly stopped that one with a simple, "Oh hell no.  Not that birthday tutu."  We had spaghetti for dinner last night so can you please imagine what I would have done if the birthday tutu got ruined!?!?

I promise to be more alive this week on the blog.  I have two amazing posts planned this week you won't want to miss.  Trust me.

In the meantime, enjoy your Monday folks.  Just nine more school days for this teacher until a week off.

Seriously, can these two get any cuter?  Even with laser beam eyes...

How was your weekend?

Monday, November 3, 2014

Weekend Shenanigans and Daylight Savings Sucks

Goodbye October.  Hello November.
October literally flew by in the blink of an eye.  I'm sure the fact that we were super busy and celebrated three birthdays didn't help to slow things down.  I have a feeling November will be just as busy with the holidays, break and Lola's first birthday.  For real.. Tears.

So how was everyone's Halloween?  Our was miserable.  Cold, rain and snow all in one evening.  It was a mess for better words.  My plans to cozy up the wagon with both kids and tote around the neighborhood as a family were quickly smashed by the 32 degree temps and the sleet which then turned into snow.  Cohen was still all about trick-or-treating.  I knew he'd be happy getting enough candy to fill his little bucket and then call it a night.  But Lola.  Oh no, the kid would cry at the site of her costume hence the fact she has no pictures in it.  So Kurtis took Cohen for 20 minutes while I snuggled up with Lolasita, with a BudLite in hand of course.

Seriously, the cutest Wolverine you ever did see.  And the mask totally worked to our advantage because it covered his whole face keeping it semi-warm.

Saturday and Sunday were spent doing a whole lot of noting.
It was all I could to get some cleaning done, but I got enough done to get me through the week.  My cleaning lady suggestion has come up once again and I think after the first of the year I will officially be able to hire someone to come clean.  It's the whole interviewing part that sucks.  But oh so worth it in the long run for real.  The less time I have to spend cleaning tubs and toilets, the more time I spend with my kids. It's a total win-win situation, Honey.

Did I mention how awful Daylight Savings is too?
Yeah for the extra hour of sleep!  Said no parent ever.  
My kids have been a hot mess since this whole time change.  Just another reason to be hatin' on Mitch.  Yo Indiana, Mitch was so not our man.  This Daylight Savings time thing is fairly new to use central Indiana folks.  That's why I bitch.  Okay, that's why we all bitch because let's be real here friends, why did we need to change something that wasn't broken?

But I did manage a little snuggly wuggly time with my favorite little guy.  We were able to make it to the library on Sunday and you'd think we took Cohen to the circus because he was so excited about our trip.  It melts my heart that he loves the library so much.

But the most important thing about this weekend was the fact that Lola had her first photobomb.

I will blame her Nana for this skill...

I'm already ready for the weekend.  How sad is that?
It's only Monday.

How was your weekend?

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Weekend Shenanigans - Perfect Fall Weekend

This weekend was absolutely gorgeous.  Sunny skies and temps in the 70's.  For us Central Indiana folks we'd call this weather nothing short of amazeballs.  It made my husband and I seriously think our current location.  I reminded him that there are places in the near United States that offer this kind of fabulous weather throughout the horrible winter months.  I may be just one step closer to getting my beach life 24-7...

We thoroughly took advantage of the weekend's warm temps.  Kurtis raked the leaves and the kids played in them.  Don't worry.  I watched.

I know.  The world's smallest leaf pile.

Lola decided to take a super long and wonderful nap.  I got in a warm three mile run (when I wasn't running into the wind) and caught up a bit on some of my reality T.V.  Then we decided to take an evening trip to the local pumpkin patch.  Seriously, best idea EVER!  Cohen had a blast and I'm pretty sure Lola was quite excited too because she didn't even realize that we were out almost an hour past her dinner time.  That's big news my friends.

Sunday was just as gorgeous and we lucked out because we had family pictures scheduled in the morning.  Holla!  Despite it being during Lola's nap time and Cohen acting like a wild animal, I think Michele got some great shots.  Thank God she's our friend and it's okay if she judges because she knows us.
The remainder of the day was spent cleaning, resting and playing.  For some reason Sundays go by WAY too fast.  It makes me sad to think we probably won't have another one of these beautiful weekends until Spring again.


Where's my beach?

How was your weekend?