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Monday, August 18, 2014

Wise Words of Lola: Keep Baby Happy with Parent's Choice Diapers

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This past month has been a big one for me!  I turned nine months old, started eating some of the same foods as my brother and figured out that I can get to places much faster by crawling.  While I really don't mean to, I think I constantly keep my mom and dad on their toes with my moving.  Everything is just so interesting and fun to explore!  I heard my mom say the other day that with all my moving she is tired of my diapers leaking or not meeting my absorbency needs.  She really wants to find diapers that have great absorbency and are just as great as the national brand of diapers but at an affordable cost.  I'll be honest, I just want a diaper that will keep up with me and my new skills.

My new favorite area in the house is the dog bowl.  I mean that water is just so much fun!  But I guess I'm not supposed to put the chewy pieces in my mouth, so Mom said we had to go to Walmart to get a few things to keep me from getting in Brady's food bowls.  While we were there we made a pit stop in the baby aisle to grab some diapers for the week.  I'm not sure how Mom can decide with all of the different types of diapers to choose from there!  However, she had a coupon for Parent's Choice diapers so she grabbed a couple of packs.  She said it was a great deal with the already low prices plus the coupon on top of it and was able to grab two packs for the price that it would cost for just one pack of the national brands. Let's be honest - I will be the one who can truly put these diapers to the test!

When we got home, Mom changed my diaper into the Parent's Choice diaper, put up the new baby gates and let me go explore.  I got to do it all -- crawl, jump, climb, sit.  Boy I sure have fun!  We even got to spend the warm summer evening playing in the grass in nothing but my leg warmers and Parent's Choice diaper.  But I noticed my diaper stayed put even with all of my moving and grooving around. These Parent's Choice diapers have flexible sides that move and stretch with me as I go.  Mom also knew right away when it was time to change my diaper because of the wetness indicator stripe that's on the front of the diaper.  I liked that because nothing is worse than a saggy diaper!

Later that evening I overheard Mom telling my friend's mom what a great quality and price these Parent's Choice diapers are for our family.  I think I have to agree with her.  I mean if I can stay comfy and Mom can save some money (an average of $240 a year!) then Parent's Choice diapers are a great fit for us.

Now let's see if I can find that dog bowl...

Love,  Lola

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Rub a Dub Dub

As we set out our clothes for the new week and prepared for our first day at school and daycare, Cohen decided it would be fun to take a bath with Sissy and share his toys with her.  (If you have a threenager you know that one is a big lie.)  However, it was the first time for Lola in the big tub so I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone and bathe them both at the same time. 

It turned out to be a super sweet moment for these two.  You can tell how much Lola loves everything her brother does...even if he does pour three full cups of water over her head.

Happy Wednesday!

Laundry Detergent Pure Enough to Drink?

Awhile back I had shared my review for Vaska laundry detergent tablets.  With a household full of little ones and sensitive skin, a hypoallergenic detergent is a must!  So when I heard that Vaska came out with a laundry detergent for babies I was super excited!  I'm extra careful with the soaps that I use when washing Lola's clothes, blankets and even burpie rags.  Vaska Baby is scent free with simple ingredients such as lavender extract and filtered water.  It is nice to look at a label and not see any of the scary chemicals like phosphates or chlorine.  

Another great feature of Vaska Baby is the fact that it is 100% biodegradable and hypoallergenic yet are tough on stains.  Let's get real -- we know how babies can stain a onesie something fierce.  Miss Lola had the world's worst blowout during her nap last week and covered her precious little blanket in what we refer to at school as "Code Brown."  Touching it as little as possible, I threw it into the washer on hot with a Vaska Baby tablet.  After one load her blanket no longer reeked of the "code brown" and was soft and stain free, ready for a new night in her crib.

Vaska Baby contains no enzymes, has no chemical residue and is not tested on animals (yeah!).  Remember how sensitive your sweet baby's skin is so be sure to protect it without all of those scary chemicals.  Vaska Baby laundry detergent is one of the most effective organic detergents out there, but without the yucky harmful  chemicals that are harsh to your skin, clothes and most importantly the environment.

Fore more information, be sure to check Vaska's website!

Buy It!
Vaska can be purchased at select Babies R Us stores and Costco.  Check out the store locator to find a retailer near you.

Disclaimer:  I was provided a product sample from Vaska for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Stay Organized this School Year with Kidecals Personalized Labels +Giveaway

While last week was my first week back to school, this is the official first week back to the daily grind for both Cohen and Lola.  Cohen is officially in Pre-K (I know, I'm holding back to the tears) while Lola is starting her first real week with the babysitter.  I have been really lucky to keep her home until she was almost 9 months old but I know the social aspect of it will be great for her.  The girl loves to make friends.  However, since she is now going to a babysitter she needs a whole set of things to take with her.  So I've been spending the last few weeks gathering the things she will need.  I'll be honest, babies need a lot of stuff.  And we all know that the more stuff there is the better chance it has to get lost or misplaced.  Since I already went through this once with Cohen, I got smart and decided to get myself organized by ordering Lola her own set of personalized labels from Kidecals.  I use these labels on everything!

From bottles:

To pacifiers:

And even on her sweet little backpack:

Kidecals are the perfect labels to help keep you organized and avoid the annoyance of losing your kiddo's things at school or daycare.   These labels are waterproof which means they will stay on in the washer and dishwasher.  In past two years that I have used Kidecals I have had maybe 2 labels fall off of Cohen's things -- these things won't budge!  

I was super excited to pick out Lola's new labels from Kidecals.  It must be the teacher in me that enjoys organizing and getting cute materials to help me stay organized.  Kidecals offers a huge variety of colors, patterns and themes so you will definitely be able to find one to fit your individual kid.  When I ordered my first set for Cohen I got him adorable little fire trucks.  I decided to go basic yet colorful with these cute chevron stripes for Miss Lola.  I love the two different sizes that Kidecals labels offer with their mega set.  The bigger ones are perfect for things like her bag and lunch box while the smaller ones fit perfectly on her blankets and extra sets of clothes.

Be sure you add Kidecals to your Back to School list this year!  Stay organized and ensure your kids won't lose their cool school gear with these fabulous personalized labels.

Win It!
One lucky winner will win a mega set of Kidecals labels of their chocie ($28 value).  Enter the Rafflecopter below.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Family Night Lights

I'm back to the daily grind my friends hence my last of existence on here lately.  Let me get back into the groove and then I promise to be more relevant.  

Last week Cohen and I went for a bike ride and ended up finding a little path that led to the Catholic school that backs up to our subdivision.  We just happened to fall upon the junior high's football practice and of course Cohen ate it up.  Now it is our new evening tradition to take a walk over there and sit in the grass, playing with the sticks and watching the football guys practice.  It's these little moments that remind me how much more time I wish I had to spend with my family.  I hope these are the nights Cohen will reminisce about when he gets older.  

Monday, August 4, 2014

Send a Card and Celebrate in a BIG Way with Hallmark Kids Poster Cards

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Today is the first day of school for my students.  As a teacher it is a bittersweet time for me because I have to leave my own children and go back to work.  However it also an exciting moment because I get to meet the new twenty-five faces that I will spend enriching and teaching for the next 181 days of school.  I can only imagine the anxiety that back to school creates for children - especially if you are starting a new school.  Recently one of Cohen's friends from school moved to a new city.  This year is a big year for him because not only did his family move but he is also starting Kindergarten!  Since his birthday is coming up at the end of then month,  Cohen and I decided that we would send a card and a fun package to get him excited and feeling more confident about starting a new school as well as let him know how much we miss him here in Indianapolis.

I had to grab a few things for my classroom so we headed to Walmart to grab the items on my list as well as get a head start on our care package.  Cohen is constantly talking about his little buddy so I knew he would love to be able to choose the perfect card to send to him.  The choices seemed endless and Hallmark even has a specific section just for kids!

One card that really stuck out was the Batman card.  As soon as Cohen picked it up he realized that not only was it a card with his favorite super hero on it but it also turned into a poster!  This was the perfect choice for his friend's birthday.

This Hallmark Kids Poster Card was really neat and different from the other cards. They go from a big card to a poster just like that!

What makes purchasing this card even better is the Hallmark Card Reward Program.  When I purchase five Hallmark cards at Walmart (including the Hallmark Kids Poster Card), you earn a free card!  So now I'm just four cards away from a free one.  Gosh I love a great deal.

  After helping Cohen make his decision, we headed home to put our little package together for his buddy  We decided to include a fun coloring book with crayons, a notebook and pictures of Cohen to help the transition back to school seem a bit easier.  The Hallmark Kids Poster Card made the package because it was it was that extra special touch to let his friend know we were thinking about him on his birthday as well on his big day at his new school.

Now it's time for me to start prepping for my first day back at school.  
Wish me luck!

Make sure you check out Connections from Hallmark to sign up for Hallmark Rewards, and to see great content from other bloggers. 
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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

All Good Things Must Come to an End

Today is my last day of summer vacation.  Tomorrow my actual alarm will go off and it will not be my children waking me up.  I will have to get up, shower and put on real clothes - not just my yoga pants.  It breaks my heart that I won't be able to spend the days with my kids doing fun stuff like going to the pool, playing Angry Birds or getting that sweet smiling Lola from her crib after her naps.  However I am excited to start the year off fresh and have some adult company.  As difficult as it may be going back to work tomorrow I really am lucky to have this long break off to spend with my family during my most favorite season of all even if it was unusually cold this year.

Here are a few of my favorite shots of this summer:

If you are still on break, enjoy the time you have left!  It's back to the daily grind my friends.

Happy Summer Memories,

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Settle Upset Tummies with Mommy's Bliss Kids

I think you could say one of my worst fears as a mother is the stomach flu.  Not only is the process disgusting but I feel horrible for my poor children when there is really nothing I can do for them.  We all know that when one person gets it, we all get it - it's like watching Dominoes fall down.  I may be that mom who carries around Lysol for days, spraying down surfaces, doorknobs and objects when a case of the stomach flu has been reported...

I went into complete panic mode last week when Cohen started complaining of a stomachache.  There isn't just one child in this house now - there is a baby we have to worry about too.  And this is my last week of summer break!  No way are we going to spend it puking and disinfecting our house!  I remembered I had some Mommy's Bliss Kids Upset Tummy and Nausea Relief in the medicine cabinet.  It is an all-natural herbal supplement that is supposed to ease tummy aches and pains.  Mommy's Bliss Kids is sugar free, contains all natural ingredients and has no artificial flavors or colors.  Children 2 years and older take one packet up to six times in a 24 hour time frame, so I shook that puppy up and gave one to Cohen to drink.

At first it took a little convincing because as you know my child is probably one of the pickiest eaters on the planet.  But he thought it was pretty cool to drink from the pouch and did end up taking it.  He stopped complaining of a stomachache and my stomach flu fears soon faded.  Until the morning when he complained again!  So I gave him another Mommy's Bliss Kids to take and once again it seemed to soothe his upset tummy.  

I personally love the individual dose packs because I can throw a couple into my purse or diaper bag and always be prepared if we are at a restaurant or spending the night at Nana and Papa's.  The fact that it contains all natural ingredients including organic ginger, dill and peppermint helps ease my worrying mind.  Mommy's Bliss Kids Upset Tummy and Nausea Relief worked fast and helped my little guy's tummy so I definitely have to say I am a fan!  Now it's back to our summer fun plans -- without that upset tummy.

For more information on Mommy's Bliss Kids Upset Tummy and Nausea Relief as well as their line of natural products, check out their website..

Disclosure:  I was provided a product sample for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.